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CD Player with 5 Digital Inputs
Manufacturer: Norma Audio Electronics
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Ex Display Norma Audio Revo DS-1 CD Player/DAC in Black. Supplied in good condition with all the original box, packaging and instrcutions. Full warranty included.

You might not be familiar with the name Norma, but as soon as we heard it in our Demo room, we had to have it. We first came across the brand at the 2019 Hifi Show in Bristol and immediately wanted to have a longer listen. The CD players have incredible detail, with a natural musical soundstage. If you are in the market for a new CD player then Norma should be added to your audition list. We think you will be blown away by the performance. 

Norma Revo DS-1:


NORMA  is proud to present the new DS-1 Digital Source. It is a significantly interesting product, both for its considerable technical content and for its extreme versatility, naturally combined with the rigor of the NORMA musical tradition. 
In addition to a CD reading section, that represents the evolution of the  REVO CDP1R , the NORMA DS-1 offers a complete range of digital inputs. There is a full-band USB input (192.0 KHz) together with 4 SPDIF inputs; Coaxial, Optical and XLR. Combined in a single chassis are all the functions of an advanced digital source able to satisfy without limitation the needs of even the most demanding user. 
In the REVO DS-1 the same conversion section and the same output stages are used that have made the REVO CDP1R famous and widely appreciated whilst able to distinguish itself at the top of world class production with its musical quality.


Whilst we witness the proliferation of converters for "liquid music", conceived only with attention to the parameters of the pseudo-modern technicalities and the reduction of costs, to the detriment of the potential sonic performance of high resolution, NORMA proposes a "Universal machine", extremely sophisticated in all the important aspects for sound quality. Finally it is possible to appreciate the real quality files in high resolution, not limited by the influence of an inadequate implementation. The completeness of the NORMA DS-1 offers the possibility to manage and store all the digital parameters, independently for each input. For example, it is possible to activate the over-sampling function at whatever frequency the user wishes which can also be deactivated if not desired. Select the Master Clock source between the low Jitter Local oscillator or the input signal oscillator. Finally, you can change the Up-sampler parameters, the digital filter response, the absolute phase and the volume of the output signal. All this is through local commands, or by remote control.

Technical features:

- TEAC CD Player Mechanics, with 5 secs read buffer of 
- Switching between CD player and DAC modes. 
- 5 digital inputs, USB, 2 x SPDIF RCA, SPDIF OPTICAL, AES-EBU. 
- USB input and SPDIF full bandwidth, up to 24 Bit / 192 KHz. 
- Possibility to select the oversampling frequency 44.1-48.0-88.2-96.0-176.4-192.0 KHz or AUTO. 
- Possibility to customize digital input to parameters, including the value of oversampling. 
- A local clock oscillator or the clock input signal. 
- Two separate local clock oscillators for the two values. 22MHz / 24MHz (44.1 / 48KHz). 
- Local Oscillator high stability, low Jitter and low phase noise.
- RCA inputs as digital output. 
- Two PCM 24 Bit Digital to Analogue converter. 
- Digital filter x8 oversampling. 
- User selectable filter roll-off (Sharp & Slow). 
- Proprietary IV architecture conversion. 
- Analogue output stage based with full discrete devices amplifier. 
- Extreme low noise, high resolution and high speed. 
- Wide band (> 2 MHz) schematic topology. 
- RCA and Balanced output connection. 
- Separate power supply for Digital and Analogue Output stage. 
- High filtering capacity with numerous low impedance capacitors. 
- 13 Powers supply regulators. 
- Full aluminum non-magnetic frame.
- Toroidal transformer specially designed for audio applications. 
- Remote control of all functions.

Technical Specifications:

Connections Inputs:
IN1: USB, 2.0 High Speed 
IN2: SPDIF RCA, 75Ohms 
IN3: AES / EBU XLR, 110Ohms 
IN4: TOSLINK OPTICAL, 96 KHz, (192.0 KHz may be achieved, but not guaranteed) 
IN5: SPDIF RCA, 75Ohms ( IN5 can be set as SPDIF Output by CD Mechanism)

Sampling Frequencies:  44.1KHz, 88.2KHz, 176.4KHz, 48.0KHz, 96.0KHz, 192.0KHz 
UpSampler Frequencies: 44.1KHz, 88.2KHz, 176.4KHz, 48.0KHz, 96.0KHz, 192.0KHz, AUTO MODE 
Based on TI SRC4392 
Clock performances: +/- 2ppm typ. at 25 °, +/- 10ppm at 60 ° 
Digital Filter: Slow & Sharp mode, based on TI DF1706 
De-emphasis: 44.1KHz, 48.0KHz, auto and manual mode 
Connections Outputs : Line RCA output, XLR Balanced 
Output Voltage : 3.0 V RMS (+10 dBV) RCA (at 0 dB), 6.0 V RMS (+16 dBV) XLR (at 0 dB) 
Output Impedance : 200 ohms 
System Frequency Response (CD Mode) : 0.0 to 22KHz +/- 0 , 3 dB (limited from CD standard)
Analogue Output Filter : 0.0 to 180 kHz +/- 3 dB 
Analogue Stage Frequency Response : 0.0 to 2MHz +/- 3 dB 
Configuration : Solid state 
Oversampling : DF 1706 8 x Digital Filter 
Oversampling Filter : User selectable Sharp & Slow Roll-off filter response. 
D/A Converter : PCM 1704 Multibit 24 Bit D / A converter 
I/V Conversion : I / V Conversion by proprietary topology with discrete component 
Output Stage : Proprietary topology with discrete components, high linearity & low noise 
Power Supply : 230 V AC / 50 Hz, (100V AC or 115 VAC / 50-60Hz in some country) 
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 75 x 430 x 350 mm 
Weight: 10 Kg 
Remote : Integrated Digital Source with full remote control



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