NovaFidelity X45 Pro

Reference Hi-Fi Music Server, CD Ripper and Network Streamer
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Buidling on the success of the Novafidelity X45 and X50D, the X45 Pro is the reference Streamer and DAC in the range. Solid case work, with a Sabre Pro Reference DAC Chip, this unit is the flagship player in the range. Available in Silver or Black, with a choice of different size storage options. 

The X45Pro is designed to be the world's highest performance multi-purpose music player, which functions as a DAC, CD ripper, network streamer, music recorder and much, much more for audiophile users. The X45Pro is equipped with SABRE PRO's Flagship ES9038PRO DAC chip, supporting up to PCM 768Khz sample rates as well as native DSD512, and the OPA627BP precision high-speed operational amplifier. To minimise electrical and idle noise, the power source circuit for the digital and analogue sections are isolated, with the toroidal transformer and SMPS completely shielded by aluminium. The X45Pro enclosure is precisely assembled from beautiful glass-sanded aluminum, which is fabricated by high precision CNC machining. The extensive and varied functions offered by the custom-designed software, developed in-house by Novatron's dedicated R&D department, complete the X45Pro as a superbly executed device for the most decerning of audiophiles.

Custom designed software

Equipped with a quad core ARM Cortex A9 processor, running at 1.0GHz, 64Bit/1000MIPS microcontroller and custom-designed software, the X45Pro is a perfect high performance audio system platform, ready to deliver outstanding sound and versatile functions

Reference-level, high performance player & DAC

Based on the ESS Sabre PRO flagship ES9038PRO DAC chip and OPA627BP precision high-speed operational amplifier with 64Bit XMOS chip, TCXO oscillator, isolated power source circuit design technology, completely shielded high-quality toroidal transformer and in-house R&D know-how for circuit design, the X45Pro ideally suited for highend audiophiles

Engaging, dynamic sound

Experience reference-level sound delivered by the perfect combination of Sabre PRO's flagship ES9038PRO DAC chip and the OPA627BP OP amp.  By supporting up to PCM 768Khz and DSD 512, the X45Pro brings together greater resolution and highly dynamic music reproduction to satisfy  audiophile desires for the ultimate sound.

Isolated power circuit

To minimise electrical and idle noise, the power source circuit for digital and analogue sections is isolated, and the toroidal transformer and SMPS are completely shielded with aluminium.

The enitre X45Pro enclosure is precisely assembled from beautiful glass-sanded aluminum, fabricated by precision CNC machining.

Main Features

  • Quad Core ARM Cortex A9 processor running at 1.0Ghz
  • SABRE PRO Flagship ES9038PRO DAC chips
  • OPA627BP Precision High-Speed Operational Amplifier
  • 16 Core Microcontroller with Advanced RISC Architecture
  • USB Audio Class 2.0 Output for external DACs
  • Optical disk drive for CD ripping
  • Phono Input for turntable
  • 7" TFT LCD(1024 x 600 pixels) screen for intuitive GUI
  • DAB+/FM Tuner built-in
  • Built-in Ethernet (10/100/1000Mbps)
  • Support various file formats like MQA, DSD(64/128/256/512), DXD(24Bit/352.8Khz)
  • PCM singal up to 32Bit/768Khz including 24Bit/192Khz WAV/FLAC and full range hi-res audio file formats
  • Reference-level sound quality
  • MQA, DSD playback support via PC and USB DAC routing
  • Compatible with Major Music Streaming Services
  • 'Roon Ready' support

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