Onkyo - Multiple Award Winning Hi-fi and AV products.

The company started under the name of Osaka Denki Onkyo K.K in 1946. The current Onkyo Corporation umbrella includes the Integra and Integra Research divisions as well as the main Onkyo brand. At present, it is headed by Naoto Othsuki. During the early phases of its history, Onkyo grew as an innovator and fashioned itself into a force in audio, making the name Onkyo synonymous with sonic excellence and high-quality loudspeakers and components. Through the 70's, Onkyo receivers were critically acclaimed. The products of the 80's, including cassette tape decks, M-series amplification, turntables, AM/FM tuners like the T-909 and T-9990 along with receivers garnered acclaim from critics and consumers. 

Today, Onkyo are known for cutting edge Home Cinema recievers and network capable mini systems. 

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"The Mark" Turntable System

Onkyo A9110, Rega Planar 1 and Dali Spektor 2 Speakers

Onkyo A-9110

Enter the World of Pure Hi-Fi

Onkyo VC-GX30 Google Assist Smart Speaker

Google Assistant Smart Speaker
£199.00 £99.00

Onkyo T-4030 DAB Tuner

DAB+/DAB/FM Tuner Your Favorite Stations Reborn in High Fidelity