Ortofon Record Stabilizing Clamp

Record Stabilizing Clamp
Manufacturer: Ortofon
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Manufacturer part number: Ortofon Hi-fi Record Stabilizing Clamp

The Ortofon Record Stabilizing Clamp with a built-in bubble level is a stylish solution for analogue audiophiles. The "clamp" functions as a puck, using its 350g aluminium form to hold the vinyl record in place during use, reducing the effects of 'slip' and tightening up the sound performance. The mass also helps to reduce the transfer of vibrations from the record to the tonearm. The built-in bubble level also allows you to stay on top of a key part in turntable set-up - making sure your record player is level. 

The Record Stabilizing Clamp is a stylish solution that will improve both the audible performance and the overall look of your turntable.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly finished and balanced
  • Built-in high precision Bubble level
  • Spindle hole fits the most common turntables on the market today

Technical Data

Material: Aluminium
Weight: 305g
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Item Condition New