Perfect Turntable Starter System

Project Elemental, Project Stereo Box Phono and Dali Zensor Pico
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The perfect Compact turntable starter system is here!

This system is designed to be as compact as possible for a Turntable based Hifi. The Project Stereo Box S Phono is a compact Class D amplifier that has a dedicated Phono Input as well as extra Line Level Inputs for other devices. The Dali Zensor Pico speakers have a small footprint but a big sound! They are designed for easy placement, even up against a wall. 

Want to play your vinyl again but haven't got a system to play it on? Don't worry, this little combo is the perfect entry to hear your vinyl without breaking the bank. All 5 star reviewed products and specially selected for ease of use and setup. We even include some speaker cable so you have all you need! 

We can now offer Speaker Stands or Speaker Wall Brackets to compete the system! 

The system is made up of a Project Setero Box Phono Amplifier, Project Elemental Turntable, and Dali Pico Speakers. All the full specs can be sen below.