Project Acryl-IT E

The perfect upgrade for your Elemental or Essential turntable.
Manufacturer: Project
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Manufacturer part number: Acryl-IT E
GTIN: 912005439603
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Acrylic is a popular material in high-end turntables. Not only does it offer a great visual appeal, it also has superlative sonic capabilities well-suited to audiophile systems.

The Acryl-IT E upgrade platter for Elemental, Primary and Essential turntable models delivers an improved sound performance compared to the regular platters. Acrylic is acoustically inert, and offers no colouration inside the audible frequency band for a pure, true-to-life audio performance. 

Acrylic is an ideal platform for vinyl records, so for optimal performance the Acryl-IT E is used without a turntable mat.

Key Features:

  • Delivers improved sound performance
  • Ideal replacement for standard platter
  • Inert material greatly reduces resonances
  • Centre indentation to accommodate record labels
  • Can be used with clamps like the Pro-Ject Clamp-IT
  • Improves the overall turntable aesthetic

* Please note, this item is the Acrylic Platter only. The rest of the turntable (pictured) is not included.