These little wonders continue to fulfil all expectations for Amplifiers, Pre/Power combinations, headphone and phono step up devices.

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Project MaiA S2

'My audiophile integrated amplifier'

Project Stereo Box DS2

A new integrated stereo amplifier with class-leading sound and App control

Project Stereo Box S2

Compact Stereo Amplifier

Project Pre Box S2 Analogue

Compact Stereo Pre-Amplifier

Project Amp Box S2

Ultra compact Stereo Power Amplifier

Project Amp Box DS2

Stereo Power Amp

Project Pre Box DS2 Analogue

Premium Analogue Pre-Amplifier

Project Pre Box S2 Digital

Premium DAC and Roon End Point

Project Phono Box

A truly cult object. Pro-Ject's Phono Box model is now in its third inception, but since the very beginning it's been a hit.

Project Phono Box USB V

Project Phono Box USB variable output - Record direct to your PC harddisc.
£139.00 £149.00