Project Accessories

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Project Motor Suspension Belt

Replacement belt to decouple the motor from the plinth on some Pro-Ject turntables.

Project Hinge Sets

Replacement hinge sets for all Pro-Ject turntables supplied with hinged dust covers.

Pro-Ject Anti-Skate Weight

Replacement Anti-Skate Weight for Pro-Ject record players.

Project Clean-IT

The ideal brush for stylus care

Project Brush-IT

Carbon fibre record brush. A great vinyl-lovers accessory.

Project Felt Mat

12" Black Felt Mat

Project Counterweight

Replacement counterweights for all Pro-Ject turntables.

Project Grease-IT

Platter bearing oil.

Project Drive Belt

Replacement drive belts for all Pro-Ject turntables.

Project Measure IT E

Wallet friendly Stylus Balance

Project 78rpm pully kit

Project 78rpm pully kit (not for Perspective)

Project Cork-IT

A specially designed cork mat, suited to different deck/cartridge combinations and different environments.

Project Strobe-IT

Stroboscopic measure and cartridge alignment tool for turntables.

Project Record Clamp

Replacement record clamp, as found on the RPM 5, 6 Perspex and Xperience turntable models.

Project S/E Upgrade Kit

Upgrade package for most low-midrange Pro-Ject turntables.

Project Level-IT

Wooden Spirit Level used for proper equipment set-up.

Project Adjust-IT

Tonearm bearing adjustment tool

Project VC-S Lid

Protective dust cover for the VC-S record washer.

Project Leather-IT

Premium leather turntable mat, available in two finishes

Project Record Puck

Heavy brass record puck, as found on Pro-Ject's higher-end turntables.

Project Sweep-IT

Record mounted cleaning brush

Project Phono Box MM

Project Phono Box MM Moving Magnet only

Project Clamp-IT

Pro-Ject's stylish new record clamp, originally designed for the limited edition Art1 Turntable, now available to fit on any deck.

Project Measure IT S2

Attractive and compact digital stylus measuring gauge; helping you allow for optimum cartridge performance.