Project CD Box DS2

Premium CD player and Hi-Res DAC
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Manufacturer part number: Project CD Box DS2
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The CD Box DS2 is a premium CD player and Hi-Res DAC with four digital inputs, so it can function as both a CD player and a standalone DAC.

The CD Box DS2 is based on the popular CD Box DS2 T transport, with its four-layer suspended system, for maximum retrieval of digital information from a playing CD. However, for ultimate convenience the transport is paired with a high-fidelity DAC in the same box. The AK4490 DAC chip employed ensures every piece of information is effectively converted into a clean analogue signal for a detailed, musical experience. 

With four additional digital inputs, the CD Box DS2 is also a comprehensive standalone DAC. The USB input works with any computer operating system, and it offers high resolution file support up to PCM 32-bit / 384kHz and DSD256. The optical and coaxial inputs can be used with sources up to 24-bit / 192kHz. For added personalisation, the CD Box DS2 also offers digital filters to shape the sound to your liking; choose between five filters for PCM files and two filters for DSD.

The CD Box DS2 is effortlessly simple to use with the supplied remote or using the front-mounted control buttons, and for CD playback the dot-matrix display gives clear information. Connectivity is equally versatile, with two digital outputs and a fixed line-level RCA output for passing onto a pre- or integrated amplifier.  

With all this functionality in one compact box, the CD Box DS2 is capable of acting as the ultimate digital hub for any mid-priced hi-fi system. 

Like all other DS2 products, the CD Box DS2 is available in a variety of finishes, including with or without retro styled wooden side panels (read our FAQ for more information).

Key Features:

  • Hi-Res capable CD player and standalone DAC
  • Four digital inputs (2x optical, coaxial, USB B)
  • Two digital outputs (optical, coaxial)
  • Line Level output (RCA)
  • Excellent 4-layer suspended CD transport
  • Luxurious slot-in mechanism
  • High contrast dot-matrix display
  • Solid cabinet protects against vibration and interference
  • Available in various finish options (read our FAQ)

Technical Data

DAC: 1x AK4490 (32bit/768kHz; DSD256)
Supports: CD, CD-R, CD-RW and Hybrid-SACD
Digital Inputs: 1x USB B up to 384kHz /32bits
1x co-axial (S/PDIF) up to192kHz /24bits
2x optical (S/PDIF) up to192kHz /24bit
Digital Outputs: 1x co-axial (S/PDIF)
1x optical (S/PDIF)
Analogue Outputs: 1x RCA Line
THD: <0.001%
Noise Floor: >97dbA
Power Supply: 9V/2A DC; 110 - 240V/50, 60H
Standby Power Consumption: < 1 watt 
Dimensions: 206 x 71 x 200mm (Aluminium) 
240 x 72 x 200mm (Wood)
Weight: 1520g without power supply (Aluminium)
1920g without power supply (Wood)
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