Project Ground-IT Deluxe

An ideal support and isolation platform for your turntable or CD player. Available in two different sizes.
Manufacturer: Project
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Perfect granular-filled bases with adjustable conical feet for resonance-free turntable placement. Two different sizes offer suitability for large and smaller turntables. The bases also have a Piano finish that perfectly matches the charcoal finish of Pro-Ject turntables. 

The improvements this simple upgrade offers are so noticeable that we supply a Ground-IT as standard with our premium RPM10.1 turntable.*

Key Features: 

  • Dark grey piano-lacquer finish 
  • Filled with granulate for universal damping 
  • Height-adjustable aluminium cone feet. Three or four feet may be fitted according to taste/application 


Ground It Deluxe 1: £250.00
Ground It Deluxe 2: £270.00
Ground It Deluxe 3: £499.00

Technical Data:


Ground-IT Deluxe 1

Dimensions (W x H x D):

500 x 65 x 400mm 
(Height Without Cone Feet = 45mm)
Weight: 11.6kg 
Ground-IT Deluxe 2

Dimensions (W x H x D):

435 x 65 x 340mm
(Height Without Cone Feet = 45mm)
Weight: 8.5kg
Ground-IT Deluxe 3  
Dimensions (W x H x D): 500 x 65 x 400mm
(Height Without Cone Feet = 45mm)
 Weight:  13.5kg