Project Motor Suspension Belt

Replacement belt to decouple the motor from the plinth on some Pro-Ject turntables.
Manufacturer: Project
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Pro-Ject turntables are all about simplicity. Simplicity helps stop any unwanted resonances during vinyl playback - the enemy of clean sounding music. A key part of this simplicity is decoupling the motor from the record player's plinth. By detaching the motor from the plinth, all the vibrations it creates when in use do not enter the plinth and therefore cannot feed up to the tonearm. This is done in many Pro-Ject turntables by balancing the motor on a suspension belt.

This replacement part is useful for those who have had their players a long time; where the elasticity of the band may have run out over time.

Part Code: 1940 675 021

Compatibility List:

This part is designed to work with the following turntables...

  • Debut (All varieties)
  • RPM 5 (All varieties)
  • RPM 6 (All varieties)
  • Xpression (All varieties)
  • Xperience (All varieties)
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