Project VC-S Lid

Protective dust cover for the VC-S record washer.
Manufacturer: Project
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Please note: Due to unprecedented demand the Project VC-S lid is coming through in very limited numbers from Project. If you wish to purchase one, please be aware your order will be added to a Pre-Order list and we will keep you informed of the latest delivery dates. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

Cleaning Records has never been easier and affordable with the new Project VC-S record cleaner. 

Take the best care of your beloved Vinyl and keep it in pristine condition. On demo in store! Come in and see the difference it can make. 

This high-quality perspex lid is designed to keep any unwanted dirt and dust off your Pro-Ject VC-S. This durable lid is the perfect partner to keep your VC-S in pristine condition.

This lid comes supplied with hinges.

There is also a great setup and tuitorial Video form Project on how best to sue the VC-S cleaner. Just click here!