Roksan Blak CD Player

Housed within the same chassis as the matching integrated amplifier, the blak CD Player delivers a first-class audio performance and effortless ease-of-use.
Manufacturer: Roksan
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Internally the blak CD Player uses a totally isolated high-performance disc mechanism to eliminate vibration. In partnership with the blak series’ solid, anti-resonant chassis all the necessary detail for a high-end performance is retrieved from the playing disc. Once extracted from the disc, the digital signal is managed by an audiophile standard chip-set for bit-perfect conversion and an advanced digital clock for optimal performance. 

Connecting the blak CD Player to a wider system is simple. For connecting to an external DAC there are three digital outputs available (S/PDIF, Optical or AES/EBU), or for connecting straight to an amplifier – like the blak Integrated Amplifier – there’s the choice of either unbalanced RCA or balanced XLR outputs. Once connected, the whole player is controlled easily with the supplied system remote or via the front panel; additional handy information is displayed on the dimmable LED display during playback. 

The blak CD Player is a true audiophile CD player, which puts audio performance first. The result is a device that delivers micro-details and a depth of soundstage that defies belief. Add to that the exceptional warmth and musicality of the overall tone and you have a device that communicates directly with the listener like only the best equipment in the world can. 

Key Features:

  • 3 x digital outputs (XLR, Optical & RCA)
  • 2 x Analogue outputs (XLR, RCA)
  • Very high quality audiophile standard DAC chipset for optimum detail retrieval
  • Advanced digital clock for top quality performance
  • Totally isolated disc mechanism to eliminate vibration 
  • Striking design and superlative build quality
  • Dimmable LED display

Technical Data:

Outputs:  Optical
Peak Output:  2.5V 
THD:  < 0.001% 
Linearity:  > 89dB 
Jitter: < 135ps
S/N Ratio:  > 108dB 
Stop Band Rejection:  > 100dB 
Dimensions: Face Plate Width: 440mm
Body Width: 400mm
Height: 140mm
Depth: 305mm
Weight: 8kg