Formed in 1985, Roksan joined the world of specialist super audio with the introduction of its first high end record player , the Xerxes. Within a few months of its first production run, the Xerxes was regarded as one of the best sounding, "best built record players in the world". As a serious record player without a sprung sub-chassis, it radically challenged conventional suspension designs and set a new reference. Roksan products incorporate novel ideas and unique design features always complementing form and function.

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Roksan Corus2

Next Generation Corus
£465.00 £449.00

Roksan Radius 7

Fitted with Nima tonearm

Roksan Attessa CD Player

Full Width CD Transport

Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier

Integrated Amplifier with DAC and Bluetooth

Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier

Blue OS Streaming Amplifier and DAC

Roksan Attessa Turntable

Plug and Play Turntable with MM cartridge

Roksan Blak CD Player

Housed within the same chassis as the matching integrated amplifier, the blak CD Player delivers a first-class audio performance and effortless ease-of-use.

Roksan Blak Integrated Amplifier

The blak Integrated Amplifier combines a high-end amplifier with a highly-specified USB DAC, a Bluetooth receiver and a dedicated headphone amplifier.

Roksan Caspian M2 Amplifier

Roksan Caspian M2 Intergrated Amplifier - What HiFi Award Winner

Roksan Caspian M2 CD

Roksan Caspian M2 CD Player - What HiFi Award Winner

Roksan Caspian M2 Stereo Power Amplifier

The all new M2 Stereo Power amplifier has been designed to elevate the performance of any able hi fi or AV system.

Roksan K3 Amplifier

Roksan K3 Amplifier

Roksan K3 CD Di

Roksan K3 CD Player with added digital inputs

Roksan K3 Power Amplifier

The Perfect Upgrade to bring more power and control to your system