Music at home has come a long way since the LP and the CD. Digital jukeboxes like iTunes and Windows Media Player are pervasive. And Internet radio stations and multi-million song music services are exploding globally. At Sonos, our vision is to fill every home with music by making it incredibly easy for people all around the world to enjoy all that music in every room. Sonos customers are falling in love with music all over again. They continually tell us that with Sonos at home, they are listening to way more music than they ever did before. We couldn’t be more pleased. If you have built a big music collection over the years or just want to tap into the world of music which streams over the Internet, Sonos can make your life more entertaining too.

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Sonos Arc

Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Sonos Arc and Sub

Immersive 3.1 Home Cinema

Sonos Arc, Sub and Surrounds

Immersive 5.1 Home Cinema

Sonos Beam

Alexa controlled Soundbar

Sonos Beam and Sub

Immersive 3.1 Home Cinema

Sonos Beam Gen 2

Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Sonos Beam, Sub and Surrounds

Immersive 5.1 Home Cinema

Sonos Amp

New 125w per channel Amp

Sonos Move

Portable, Bluetooth Sonos

Sonos One

All new Alexa powered Sonos

Sonos One SL

The all new Sonos SL

Sonos Play 5 TruePlay

The ultimate smart speaker for today’s streaming music universe.

Sonos Port

Versatile streaming component

Sonos Roam

Ultra Portable, Bluetooth Sonos

Sonos Sub subwoofer

SUB will take your whole Sonos System one seismic step closer to the spine-curling, jaw-dropping, full body experience music was meant to be.