For nearly 40 years, SUMIKO has provided the finest array of phono pick-up cartridges to discerning audio enthusiasts around the world. Boasting a portfolio of products that touches all price points and technologies, there are many names in their roster that are indisputably synonymous with high-quality record playback. 

The current range from SUMIKO is firmly established, and spans from ultra-affordable to esoteric high-end in its makeup. Starting with the affordable Oyster Series, encompassing both Entry Level (Oyster, Black Pearl and Pearl) and Premium Moving Magnet (Rainier, Olympia, Moonstone and Amethyst) models as well as the iconic Blue Point moving coil range, all 'affordable' options are adequately covered; giving vinyl newcomers or those on a limited budget a taste of the high-end for a fraction of the price. The audiophile Reference Series then meets the demands of truly high-end vinyl playback systems with the "Songbird" range, bolstered by the Pearwood Celebration II and the luxurious Palo Santos Presentation one-off designs.

SUMIKO cartridges come from a proud Japanese heritage of delivering premium sound experiences, and the whole range is still made by the same company today, now under the ownership of the internationally renowned McIntosh Group. Yet regardless of price, every SUMIKO cartridge is driven by a collective passion for achieving the best sound possible in the analogue format; so you can guarantee you'll experience musicality of sound and phenomenal cost-to-performance ratio with every model. SUMIKO cartridges truly reveal the magic within your treasured vinyl record collection.


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Sumiko Amethyst

Moving Magnet Cartridge

Sumiko Black Pearl

Moving Magnet Cartridge

Sumiko Blue Point No.3

Moving Coil Cartridge

Sumiko Moonstone

Moving Magnet Cartridge

Sumiko Olympia

Moving Magnet Cartridge

Sumiko Oyster

Moving Magnet Cartridge