The Trading Post and Vinyl

The Trading Post - CD and Vinyl Give and Take. 

After being inspired by seeing a bookcase in a Pub on holiday that offered a free Book library swap, we have started the Trading Post in our Watford store. Basically, it is a used Vinyl and CD swap shop. You can bring any old Vinyl or CD and swap it for one of ours. Like for like, 1 for 1, no charge. 

We have started the collection and its now up to you to evolve it. 

If you have music you no longer listen too or have duplicates of, you can now change it for something you wouldn't ordinarily buy brand new or maybe you are just curious to expand your genre selection. 

Rules are rules though - no bring, no take! 

We hope to expand this into the Wendover store in the future, but for now, the Trading Post is exclusively at Watford. 

We sell Vinyl too! 

Rejoice Vinyl junkies! We are now selling a selection of brand new, high quality Vinyl instore alongside our Turntables and Turntable systems. 

The collection is ever growing and we are not intending to sell them individually online, but there is a selection of staff favourites, classic and future classic alblums. If there are any items you would like, please let us know as we can order in from a vast catalogue.  

If you are passing, come in for a browse!