Vinyl Storage Rack

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

We all know that turntables and vinyl are the best, but record storage doesn't come without its issues. Luckily for most, Ikea produced the Kallax range which handily holds 12" records perfectly. But what if you are bored of seeing the same old thing and visiting one of the swedish giants stores fills you with dread? Our latest addition may be the solution for you. 

We have a very clever, very retro Turntable stand with Vinyl storage and a shelf for your Amplifier. Built from MDF wood with a High Gloss Veneer, this stylish turntable table even has cable management at the back to hide all the wires. The solid wooden feet also help with sound quality and give the rack a thoroughly retro feel. 

With space for your record player on top, amplifier behind a push open door and storage for up to 130 records on top, you can have all your favourites ready to play. And for only £275.00 its priced for the masses! We have it in store with our Mark Turntable System up and running on it. 

Check it out below:


We also stock a modular range of storage solutions from Glorious. These are available in Black or White, with various sizes for Vinyl and CDs. The beauty with the Glorious range is you can build them up as you go, in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they grow with you as your music collection grows. Clever! In fact, our Vinyl for sale display is made up of a combination of White and Black Glorious boxes. 

If you want to brighten up your walls, or have a feature by your system, the Art Vinyl Display frames work great. A single screw/nail in the wall and you have a display frame for a single vinyl, that pops open so you can get your favourite record out and play it. Again, Black or White is available and we have them on display in store too. 

Check out the full range here: