Founded in 1981 by Yves Bernard André, an electronics professor, YBA was quickly recognised for its unusual products.

Unusual in that they were so typically French and designed by a man who had so much passion and belief in the way things should be done, that they were seen by many hi-fi journalists and consumers alike to be decidedly distinctive and unique, qualities which gave them great appeal.

No-one denied the brilliance of the designs.

The growing success of the brand through the 80’s, 90’s and well into the 2000’s attested to Yves’ philosophy to produce the reality of absolute true sound as accurately as possible. To do this successfully meant that the manufacture of all products bearing the YBA name was based on discipline, precision and patience.  

In designing and manufacturing so many models, Yves-Bernard never wavered from his philosophy to have owners of his products actually forget the product and hear only the music. There were simple but key objectives in the design of every product, irrespective of its technical capabilities.

Every piece had to be durable, and importantly, each had to have a clarity and purity of sound which resulted in extraordinary musicality.

Numerous awards were heaped upon YBA, not only in its own French market but from many respected international bodies.

The demand for YBA products continued to grow through the years and so it was that Yves-Bernard began to consider the advantages of a major manufacturing company involving itself to secure the future. Such an alliance would provide the best of both worlds – financial capabilities together with the manufacturing ability to produce in greater numbers in order to satisfy the ever growing demand, whilst always retaining the French heritage and design parameters.

In 2009 one of  China’s leading high end audio equipment manufacturers purchased a significant shareholding stake in YBA. Already manufacturing some of the most iconic and well respected UK and European companies, Shanling had built an enviable reputation for its quality of product. When the sale was finalised, Yves-Bernard André retained a shareholding in the company and continues to design products.

Taking time to learn about the products, the current demands of a global market, and importantly, to understand what it was that has made YBA such a sought after brand for three decades, Shanling took time before re-launching internationally.

They believed that YBA would benefit by appointing a new CEO to head up the sales and marketing potential and so they looked to someone who had a lifetime of experience in the audio industry’s major markets to lead the company forward.

The appointment was made at the end of 2011.  

Australian born Jacki Pugh works closely with Yves-Bernard André calling on his vast experience to assist in driving YBA to rightfully reclaim its position as a market leader in the hi-fi world. The international market has warmed to the re-introduction of the brand and new distributors continue to come on board year to year.

Having been absent from the market for a short time, YBA products were re-launched internationally in May 2012. Four ranges were announced at that time, DESIGN, HERITAGE, PASSION and SIGNATURE. Each is highly innovative, utilising the best today’s technology can offer, yet never losing any of the early magic.

Late 2013 saw the introduction of four new products plus one upgrade to complement the existing ranges. GENESIS, a completely new range of amplifiers, was introduced, its major appeal being its inclusion of Bluetooth across the range. Additional new products were added to the Genesis range (CD Player) and Heritage range (DAC) at the beginning of 2015.

2016 saw the addition of two exceptional phono pre-amplifiers – one in the Passion range and one Genesis model. Further upgrades to existing products were also announced at the Munich High End Show.

YBA products are beautiful to look at and extraordinary to listen to. These are products that do not change every year and are therefore designed to last. Indeed, a product that reproduces music today will reproduce it tomorrow and in 20 years. To own some of the most sought after and most stable products in the market … there can be nothing better.


Yves Bernard André – the Founder and Designer

I have been designing audio products since 1971 and hold several patents.

My company operations commenced in 1981 with just one amplifier and one preamplifier.

YBA products have always been and still remain my absolute passion and I believe this passion is evident in the design of every product bearing the YBA name.

YBA diagrams are the elegance of simplicity.

They consist of a differential input of a current source transistor, two complementary transistors in each of the two stages of voltage gain A class, followed by output transistors (2 to 6), for a total of 8 to 12 transistors per channel.

All transistors used are selected for their auditory qualities. The difference is evident due to the selection of low noise transistors. The drivers have a very wide bandwidth (40 Mhz) and the output transistors are high current (30 amps).

My designs rely on the following criteria

Electronic components without compromise

Great care is taken in choosing not only the value of components used in the assembly, but also the type of components and even the manufacturer of these components. Most of them – such as connectors, transformers, cables, the solder and resistors are specially manufactured  for YBA in France.

Simplicity and reliability in the design

This is the heart of the products. Special care is taken to ensure that the devices used are devices with high efficiency and minimal heat dissipation.


Indium is used in particular and specific places in order to decrease the variations of temperature and to improve conductivity. YBA audio products are truly innovative, based on “Memory Free Design Technology” to avoid thermal vibration, electromagnetic and electrostatic distortions.